Saturday Morning Zazen group (Okinawa, Chatan Cho, Camp Shields)

Now On Facebook too!

The first member gets the best choice of Zafu!

Here is the schedule, this will be ongoing unless I am out on deployment, or until I get kicked out of housing, PCS, Etc...

0930- Instructions For Sitting Zen
1000- Heart Sutra Recitation
1005- Zazen
1030- Kinhin
1040- Zazen
1105- Tea, snacks, and Dharma discussion.

Once again you can let me know your interested in the comments section or just e-mail jrfountain (at) gmail(dot)com and we will work out the details. If you are arriving to this post a few months after the post date and I don't respond within a few days, its probably due to me being deployed, pleas be patient as I won't have access to the g-mail address unless there is a major shift in policy.


Harry said...

Good luck with it, J.



SlowZen said...

Thanks Harry.

Uku said...

Looking nice, Jordan!

SlowZen said...

Thanks Uku.

jundo cohen said...


I am very glad that things worked out for your group.

Gassho, Jundo

SlowZen said...

Uh Thanks Jundo, They have worked out great! My group has achived oneness...

Okinawa Zazen Group
1 member

Thanks though.

Lisa Kit Ming said...

Hi Jordan,
I am trying to find either a Buddhist group on Okinawa, or a temple that has services in English on Okinawa, and I came across your page. Are you still here? Do you know of any such groups or temples?

SlowZen said...

Hi Lisa, not much for the English speaker here in Oki. I have someone coming over on Sunday for sitting zen if your interested in joining in. It will be at 0930 on camp shields in the housing area apt 1040B. Email me at jrfountain at gmail dot com for any other info you need.


Thanks for looking!