tempo |ˈtempō|noun ( pl. -pos or -pi |-pē|)1 Music the speed at which a passage of music is or should be played.2 the rate or speed of motion or activity; pace : the tempo of life dictated by a heavy workload.
I am referring to the second line of the definition.
Thoughts of work are starting to seep into my morning sittings and even my dreams now.
I've got so much work on my plate right now it is hard to feel at ease.

I suppose it is preferable than jpop thought loops though.
Not having any preferences might be preferable to that.
I tried sitting half lotus on a chair this morning. Meh.
I think that full lotus on a familiar zafu and zabuton are best. (for me)
But I won't see mine for a long time. They are still in transit and won't arrive here in Okinawa until February 12th. I get on a ship around the end of this month and wont come back for about three months or so.
I've been using the air zafu and that is ok. I'm not sure how that will work out at sea though.
Sitting on the boat will be interesting. Its been about five years.Last time I was on a boat was around the time I found my interest in Buddhism renewed. Maybe this time I'll give it up... Ha!
I remember a bit of buddhisty writing that mentioned something called "The Floating World."I don't think it had much to do with going to sea. (Note, via Iron Grindstone: "The 'Floating World' was the refined-yet-racy culture of the geisha district outside Tokyo."
I think I'll go clean the cat's toilet now.


Torbjörn "Tb" Andersson said...


Reminded me of the zenkittiespic.



SlowZen said...

Yeah, thats a good one, I added the Zen Garden for cats from facebook.

Lauren said...

Not just the floating world but "Nippon, the floating kingdom" as Sondhiem's "Pacific Overtures" tells us (check out "The Advantages of Floating in the Middle of the World" at http://www.lala.com/#album/504684633534409768)

Everything sounds sideways and backwards with no clear reference point. Perhaps your right big toe will do for now.

I wish I had more to offer in all this churn and floating you will endure other than an allusion to the tathagata sitting rock solid under the Bodhi tree.

Deep Bows

NellaLou said...

Shaking a snow globe
The settling takes a long time
Presto to Lento

Anonymous said...

Readers of Slow Zen Again! Thousands of your fellow Earthlings have been injured and left homeless in Haiti after a severe earthquake. The survivors will need our help. Please consider making a cash donation to The Red Cross or
Doctors without Borders.
Thank you.

Curator said...

lol, I think your kitty needs more fiber:P... (actually, I hope those are what they really look like (rocks) if not, wow...poor cat...lol)

SlowZen said...

Apologies for the late response guys.

Thanks for your comments.

It's been hectic here trying to get everything ready for deployment and I have not had a chance to write. I'll try to keep a journal on ship and update during port calls.

Thanks for looking!