Passing clouds from 2009

This is just a collection of some of my favorite tweets from 2009. Mostly unskilful Haiku but some other one liner type stuff/observations mixed in too. Enjoy and happy 2010!

Not feeling too "Zen."
Zafu, a pressure cooker.
This mornings sitting.

Moment by moment
Rough edges are worn away
This is my practice.

Not better or worse.
I need a bath to wash off.
The stink of my zen.

Grasping at grasping at the ineffable. What a mess this floating world.

Solitude, not here
I ride the samsaric surf
How to end this verse?

Ears attacked by sounds
My twisted karmic rewards
Peace interrupted.

A quiet day, my shakuhachi calls me to play. It's been so long, I can't play a song and robuki took my breath away.

Third infusion. Is it taste or memory of taste? No, just diffrent.

This morning's tea, astringent, pleasant, and gone. Brew another pot?

Morning smiles from Iko: "I know you love to Zazen with Buddha Daddy."

The journy of a bodisatva allways begins with pain.

Time flies when you don't know what your doing.

Sitting quietly, doing nothing, autum comes, and the leaves wither and fall.

Wall heater clicks off/ Once submerged sounds bubble up// Peaceful solitude gone.

Putting down one book/ Picking up another one// Autum cools my feet.

Not sure how much I appreciate a comentary on comentarys. Maybe I'll write a comentary about that.

Rainy fall morning. The girls still snug in warm beds. Read Dogen, drink tea.

Iris: Oh my god! Me: who's your god? Iris: nobody.

Grasping at nothing, my current non-endevor, autum sky tearing.

Longing to do less. preoccupies my thinking. But that's still doing.

Our enemies may be our truest friends, & our friends our worst enemies.

Sanghas may need disruption to perform their function. Like a rock tumbler.

This mornigs sitting was filled with too much intention. Gosh I want a doo over. Ugh. Oh well.

The state that separates its scholars from its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards and its fighting by fools. - Thucydides

Installing service/ Pack: three of three. Do not turn// Off your computer.

Plastic potted plants/ Never are born, live or die// Unlike delusions.

Sent of patchouli/ Alighting the sence organs// Like an autum fire.

Letting go of yesterdays endgaining and prepairing for today's means whereby.

I make a habbit of examining the mouths of gift horses.

Zazen is not a cure for the days frustrations.

Outlook is frozen/ Restarting once again, click/ Running start up scripts.

Outlook froze again/ Makes it tough to get work done/ Sunday my desk

Ah the coffee crash/ The hot caffeine hangover/ I'd like one more cup.

Paperwork piles up/ Like the leaves falling from trees/ New season new work.

So the oldest daughter asks: is Zazen your toy? I say yes.

Home from the market/ Refrigerator now stuffed/ Outside a bird chirps.

There are more dharma gates than the sum of kannon's eyes and hands. Why concern yourself with what others are practicing? Mind your way!

No smell and no taste/ Kannon sama where are you/ A thousand hand slap.

Oh my few attachments. I love you so. You hold me back and push me forward.

Hello anger. I am aware of the events that caused you to arise. Now why don't you piss off allready.

Apparently I give good funeral. Not a skill I ever thought I'd collect.

Lunch outside, reading/ "Did Dogen Go To China?"// A cool spring breeze///

Unskilful rant at wife/ Enjoying the quiet now/ Plumb blossoms falling///

Skilled appology / Wife smileing gleefully now // Oh cherry blossoms ///

Watching Hannah at her third Karate class. I should have put her in Kung Fu. She has allready mastered the funky chicken style.

Someone actually arrived at my blog by searching "Kaaaaaaaaa!"


Raymond said...


I like your haiku tweets. Thanks for posting.


SlowZen said...

Thanks Ray.

Thanks for looking!