As I write this I’m getting ready for the Marine Corps birthday ball.  The Battalion is celebrating tonight, although the actual Birth date is 10 November 1775.  My old Dress Blues are set up in their splendor.  On a hanger suspended from a hook on the back of my office door. Not a lot of medals for 18 years, a sign of a pretty easy career.   Not that I had that in mind when I signed up.  It just worked out that way despite my own efforts to get into the fight even early on when we were only fighting “Small” wars.  


This is my last Ball with this unit.


Eighteen days from now I’ll be checked out and awaiting a trip to Okinawa, which is a total unknown for me.  This will be my 8th permanent change of station in 18 years.  I guess I should be used to moving around. 


But it is a little different this time.  I let myself get attached to this place.  Kind of odd I guess.  Since it is here where I developed my Zen practice the most, a practice that eschews attachments.  


Very human.  Another thing I am not accustom to.  Is that demon dead?  Or just buried?

When is the last time I felt genuinely angry?  Or at least held on to my anger and resentment?  


Quiet now.  Everyone is off deck to get their dates, and change over into their best.

My wife isn’t coming.  She went to the first one with this unit.  I suppose that was enough for her.  Not much fun if you feel excluded.  When I mentioned it this morning I think I saw a hint of regret at not going though.  Maybe she’ll go to the next one with the next unit.  But why speculate?  I think she’s been adrift from the Marine Corps family for a while.  


Enough of my blathering, time to get dressed.










oxeye said...

Happy birthday Marines.. Hope you had a good time at the party. Was reading a little about the original resolution to form the two battalions of Marines back in the day. It was made in a place called Tun Tavern. The tavern had an interesting history. One of the first beer joints in the U.S.A., It's owner-bartender was made chief Marine recruiter. It also was home to the first Masonic lodge in America. Ben Franklin used the tavern to organize groups of settlers to fight against the Mohawks. He and George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and other colonial big wigs hung out there.

MyoChi said...

Jordan - please post a picture of your self all decked up! Hope you had fun at the party.

SlowZen said...

Thanks Jeff, it was a ball!

Myo Chi, sorry no picture this year. If I can get the wife to go to the next oneI'm sure we will get a photo done.

Jeanette Yuinen Shin said...

Happy Birthday!!!

I went to my first USMC Ball in years (the 1MLG Officers Ball), it was nice, even though I'm really not that into balls and dressing up. The most distressing thing is hearing when the youngest Marine was born...:0
I have 2 more to go to (mandatory!) our Chaplain Corps Ball and our battalion ball. I'm being good though - no cake or dessert for me!

oxeye said...

And happy Veterans day to all Vets!

SlowZen said...

Ma'am, I had a similar experience at our ball. Then I recalled how old those soon to retire Vietnam Vets looked when I was one of the youngest Marines.
I've arrived. Now what? Ha!

Jeff, Thanks for the Veterans Day wishes.

Thanks for looking!