The case is below. Sometimes one of these things hit you like a whirlwind hits sand, sometimes like a breeze to a mountain. I used to really enjoy "Zen Play" or the fun conversations about awakening and doctrine and whatnot. Lately I have not had much will to do much with "Zen" besides drag my sorry behind to the little round cushion twice a day.

You don't penetrate a koan, it penetrates you.

I am aware that I am not always the clearest communicator folks, so in the spirit of the case below:

All my past harmful karma,

born from beginningless greed, hate, and delusion,

through my body, speech, and mind,

I now fully avow.

Chu, called Kokushi, the teacher of the emperor, called to his attendant: "Oshin."

Oshin answered: "Yes."

Chu repeated, to test his pupil: "Oshin."

Oshin repeated: "Yes."

Chu called: "Oshin."

Oshin answered: "Yes."

Chu said: "I ought to apologize to you for all this calling, but really you ought to apologize to me."

Mumon's comment: When old Chu called Oshin three times his tongue was rotting, but when Oshin answered three times his words were brilliant. Chu was getting decrepit and lonesome, and his method of teaching was like holding a cow's head to feed it clover.

Oshin did not trouble to show his Zen either. His satisfied stomach had no desire to feast. When the country is prosperous everyone is indolent; when the home is wealthy the children are spoiled.

Now I want to ask you: Which one should apologize?

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oxeye said...

Hi Jordan. I love these.. I think If a person lives long enough they become like the child they once were. Chu was acting like a child. Oshin was acting like an adult. Was it all an act? Everything else in the case involves some speculation. Speculating always adds some of our own story to the mix.

How is the transition back to fleet going? Hope everything is lining up for you.

Thanks for looking!