I thought I would give this one some a more full treatment.
With the disclaimer that people should really come up with their own view.

Mumon's comment about Chu provides some good background for this case.

Chu was getting decrepit and lonesome, and his method of teaching was like holding a cow's head to feed it clover.

So we have the national teacher, getting older, who force feeds people the dharma.

Then we know about Oshin, the attendant of the national teacher. A bright student who's been in the presence of the national teacher and has a solid grasp of Zen.

We have an aging teacher and a bright student.

We have a lonely old man and his caretaker.

We have two zennists with different styles.

We have Chu, we have Oshin.

Chu calls out to Oshin: OSHIN!

And Oshin Replies: YES!

Chu calls out to Oshin: OSHIN!

And Oshin Replies: YES!

Chu calls out to Oshin: OSHIN!

And Oshin Replies: YES!

What was Chu really calling for?

Oshin responded immediately as is custom for an attendant.

A crisp YES!

But that is not what Chu was looking for at all.

He knows Oshin is full of his teachings.

He is lonely.
He is going to die.
What does he desire from his student?
He certainly does not want a quick "Yes" in response to his calling.
Trying to get what he want, he has become a pest.

Oshin knows his teacher and his teachings.
Oshin did not trouble to show his Zen either. His satisfied stomach had no desire to feast.
He knows the doctrine and what is "Right."
But his knowing is not helping him at all in this case.
Because his knowing has become an enemy.
His knowing has caused him to let down his teacher.

Chu's teachings filled up Oshin, Oshin should have vomited them up when he was called.

Sometimes I am Chu, Mostly I am Oshin.


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