Seasonal Sinus Infections and the True Dharma Eye Treasury

The highs and lows of temperature changes really do cause some havoc on my
mucus membranes. This in turn causes all sorts of discomfort.

Its weird though. The Sinus trouble started when I noticed the anger demon
running out of steam. Its hard to tell how closely those two are connected.

I've started reading the Shobogenzo again. Having it in PDF format makes it
pretty convenient. If you don't already know you can get it at:

Its funny and bears repeating something I heard someone say but cant
remember it exactly, but the jist is like this: I read a chapter of the
Shobogenzo and think, oh, this is my favorite chapter, then I read another
and think oh this is my favorite chapter, then I read them all and say oh,
their all my favorite chapter. I also note that my "interpretation" changes
every time I read it. Or, maybe I should say, I interpret it less every
time I read it. Really a treasure. Hail!

I'm also in the middle of reading a book called "Zen Ritual." Its really
academic and I am not sure how helpful it has been for me although I did
allow it to get me riled up for a bit. I guess that's something.


Al said...

Dude- I'm with you on the sinus infections. I've had 12 of them in the last 22 months.

BTW- I'm going to be Danzig(Samhain Era) for Halloween.


SlowZen said...

Hey Al, Ouch!

Must have pictures of guy with devil-lock covered in blood sitting zen.

Carol said...

Hi Jordan,
I do believe stress opens the door to infections of all kinds. Something about breaking down a body's immune system.
I do find it interesting that reading something over and over always makes me think more deeply about it or focus on words I never "heard" before. No matter how many times I read some things, I usually get something else out of it than I did the first time through.
Hope you feel better soon!

Al said...

I'll definitely post a pic. I haven't decided if I'm going to do the shirtless version or not. I'm at 11% body fat right now. I'd like to be below 10 to take it off. The blood is a must though.

"To Study the Way is to study the Self. To Study the Self is to kill the self by snapping it's rib cage."

oxeye said...

Hi Jordan.. Good luck shaking the sinus problems. I like the blog remodeling. Slow Zen is still my bookmark for you so it works good for me.

SlowZen said...

Al, 11% is pretty low. I saygo for it.

Mom, totaly with you on that.

Jeff, thanks. I think it may have allways been slowzen, no
matter what the title says.

Thanks for looking!