What's your Buddhist name? (for fun)

I got sent this by a friend, Since the name I was given upon ordination with is vulgar when written in romagi (Roamanized japanese), I found this kind of funny:


Barry said...

Funny, indeed.

My Buddhist name (based on my real name) is:

Dharma Teacher Upholder Practices

MyoChi said...

Mine is wonderous wisdom

NellaLou said...

The Monk Dharma Pounder according to that little thingy.

Is that like a Bible-thumper?

Uku said...

Hihhii, this was funny. Based on my Buddhist name: The Boy Three Torch

and based on my real name:
Queen Worthy Demon

Thank you, Jordan for sharing! It's good to know I'm kind of queen. :)

Kōgen 光現 Dito-Keith said...

I'm Bodhisattva Shore Torch.

But they told me Taitoku meant Great Merit!

(Which my teacher couldn't remember upon ordination.)

Lauren said...

I got "Great Teacher Burning Pounder"

Curator said...

Based on just my first name I am
"King Earth Disparaging"

Based on my full name before my grandpa changed the spelling of our last name so as to better assimilate I Am
"King Burning Law"

And last but not least, based on my name spelled now that it is americanized, my Buddhist name is
"Queen Treasure Superlative Acquired."

is it weird that all of mine turned out as some kinda royalty >.< lol

Mike Cross said...

Cho-do Kuro-su could be translated as:

"Transcendent Truth, Black Mountain."

The Su stands for Sumeru (i.e. Mount Sumeru). So taking account of the way the Japanese transliterate English words, an alternative translation is:

"Superior Way, Black Smell."

SlowZen said...

Thanks Mike, I was curious for a long time of what Chodo translated too.

The name I was given at my last Jukai translates to Wind Sword. using the characters "Fu" for wind and "Ken" for sword. So that makes me Jordan Fuken Fountain.

I like the name created by the name generator linked in the above post better, although I have no idea what the back translation would be, but I don't think it really matters though. Just more stuff to get attached to and all.

Thanks for looking!