No I am not talking about the religious holiday.
I actually know nothing about the religious holiday.
Not even really sure what religion it is for…

In the Marine Corps Religion celebrating Passover is generally a snarky remark related to a Marine who is eligible for promotion not being selected to the next grade. Although in years past, since 2004 if I recall correctly, I have dutifully celebrated Passover. That tradition has ended. I was forwarded a copy of the select grade roster and found my name on it. Yes. Mother Marine Corps has finally deemed to let this Devil Dog run the show as a Gunnery Sergeant. As a result the count down to unemployment calendar has been removed, as now I have a choice on weather or not to retire at twenty years.

I am a little unbalanced in my joy right now.


NellaLou said...


Barry said...

I think this is worthy of a big "Congratulations!"

Dr Prabhat Tandon said...

Congrats !!

Jeanette Yuinen Shin said...

Congratulations :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats. Soldier

Unknown said...

Smiles for you!

"choice" good, "unbalanced" bad. Sounds like mixed blessing. Like all of life really.


More smiles for you!

oxeye said...

Outstanding! I am happy for you Jordan.

Bruce said...

Congratulations, Jordan! Does this bode well for staying in Vancouver?

Mumon K said...


Uku said...

Congratulations, Jordan!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jordan!

How long 'til you're twenty?



SlowZen said...

NellaLou, Barry Chintan, Chaplain, Thank you.

Mike, I think we've known each other online here for about three years or so. You still cant tell a Dogie from a green amphibious monster. Boo.

Thanks though. I am sure you did not intend the insult. ~*~

Will, Thanks, just like life better with smiles!

Jeff thanks!

Bruce, Thank you , I am not going to ask to go anyware. But if they need a Gunny somwhere else more than here than the chances are I will have to go somewhere. But from how I see it a Gunny and a SSgt do the same thing in this job so who knows. My plan is to keep quiet and not complain about being here. Thats how most people end up moving.

Mumon, Uku, Thank you.

Uncle Lloyd, Thanks!
2 years 5 months 1 week. But as a Guny I can stay till 22.

molly said...

Wow, Jordan. That rocks. Congrats, my friend! That's cause for some seriously delectable green tea :)

SlowZen said...

Thanks Molly, I'm still accepting donations!

Thanks for looking!