Zazen and hugs this morning.

Free bird is playing in the admin shop.
A fly came into the office.

I sent a reservist out to Iraq this morning.
He's glad for the break from school.
He just began a relationship and is worried about what kind of leadership he
will be working for.
No fear of death, just of being maimed. Typical of Marines.

My desk is a mess. Piles of unrelated projects.
To busy to get any one thing done.

Most of the Company is out for the annual training season.
I selfishly miss them as I get tasked with things way outside of my box.

Low intensity chaos.
This is the day.

I wonder, is there a funeral tasker coming down the pipe?

A call came in.
More gear coming soon.
We'll actually get to train with what we fight with.
That's a pleasant turn.

Time to balance things out, stave off the entropy.

Where is that thunderstorm?


Uku said...

Really nice post! Made me feel your words are real and true, sincere.

It's been raining all day in here Finland and I think it's lovely. It's lovely when it's sometimes raining and after all, it's all in our minds. Rain ain't negative, our deluded thoughts can be.

Well, gotta go!

oxeye said...

That poem was disguised as a blog post.

molly said...


Thanks for sharing your real-time stream of consciousness. Love it. Wow--all in a day--send someone off to war, meditate, swat a fly.

Man, you're alive.

:) Molly

Lauren said...

Where is that thunderstorm? In the post. I felt the basso waves roll through the light verse.

SlowZen said...

Thanks,But why did you brign up negative?

Like a Kesa disguised as collages.

Thanks and your welcome, but no flys were harmed.


Mumon K said...

That was one storm!

Major energy release.

SlowZen said...

Mumon, I was kind of disappointed, Seemed like a bunch of hype over just a little bit of wind and water. But then I have hung out in a few typhoons.

Thanks for looking!