OK, OK, I know we shouldn't judge bad and good.
But this is for fun since I find my time with a rare moment to blog.

Bad news- I missed my 0600 flight and am on stand by for the next one for a few hours even though I was at the airport an hour early. Note to self, get to the airport an hour and a half early next time. United Airlines, you under staff your check in lines and blame me for not getting to the airport soon enough. Nice. I predict more bailout cash headed your way for your most socialist business practices.

Good news- I'm flying out PDX. Got to be one of the best airports (aside from having to be home to UA) to have to wait around in. Thanks for the free wifi and the coolest TSA I have ever been screened by.

Bad news- I forgot to pick up a 9 pin female to 9 pin female parallel cable I need for the job.

Good news- That's the last job on this trip and I have plenty of time to find one.

Bad news- I missed out on my morning sitting.

Good news- I have plenty of time to sit right now...

Bad news- I have not had a lot of time for Blogging lately.

Good news- I got time right now.

Bad news- I am so sleep deprived from having to get to the airport so early for the flight I missed that I haven't thought of anything better than this to post.

Good news- I have awesome readers who will leave me kind comments anyways.


Unknown said...

Isn't life fun?! We never know when the bad will turn out good or what we call good will seem bad. Like the weather, just wait a while and things will change.

Lauren said...

Kind Comment

Totally get the on-the-go "blues."

Wondering what line one would use to pickup a "9-pin" female. "Hey baby, you interface here often?"

oxeye said...

It's crazy now in airports. Before the "GWOT" you could roll into an airport 10 minutes before a flight and still have enough time to grab bite to eat. I missed a flight to Cleveland this spring because of a delay getting off in Mexico. My first reaction was anger. But it actually made everything easier. No rush for food and facilities. Less stress negotiating the huge Houston airport. There are lots of layoffs across the board now. Less people trying to do more work. 1-1/2 hrs is prudent. BTW, What is this thing about you being sleep deprived? I didn't think Marines needed it. Take care. :)

molly said...

Won't only leave you kind comments, but will tell you how much we adore the stream of consciousness. I agree, United the socialists...

Thanks for the smile, Jordan!

Uku said...

Heh, truly wonderful post! One of your best one's. Good post, bad post, there are no such things! Posts are posts and news are news, good or bad. Cowabunga.

Thank you, Jordan!


Yamakoa said...

Hello Jordan,

Actually Uku beat me to the punch. Good, bad, whatever... I just a great post. Great, Ha!

Take care,

Just read your post on responsibility. Very good ;)

Mumon K said...


You're lucky, actually. Airlines have been saying be super early forever. Nobody wants to be at an airport by definition. An airport is somewhere in which you are before you go somewhere else - even if you work there!

Their TSA is pretty good at PDX - it is one of the best airports in the USA.

And United is not the worst airline...at least if you fly a lot with them. Fly enough with them and you can talk yourself and your benighted non-status colleague into international business class. No kidding.

Fly enough with them and magical things happen - automatic upgrades, best seats open up and all kinds of strange things.

Except if you're in coach, "food" is not something you're likely to be fed, no matter how long the trip.

Airlines suck. Bad. And I don't want to get political with you, but airline policies and procedures are basically cartel capitalist policies.

You want to know how hopeless the flier's situation is?

Read - if you can find it - your "contract of carriage." It's basically condemnation into one of the Avici hells for a period of time which is technically indefinite. More or less.

Anyway, if you're still in Vancouver when I've refurbished my tiny sitting room you should come over & sit, time permitting.

SlowZen said...

Hey all,
Thanks for the kind wordas and sorry for the late responce.

Will, Yes, change and nirvanna are the only constsnts.

Lauren, I can’t reply to that with anything I would want my kids to read at this time….

Jeff, Don’t be fooled, Marines sleep. A lot of them seem to be able to do it on command.
Unfortunately I never developed that tallent.

Molly, allways happy to provide the fuel for smiles!

Uku, Thank You!

Yammakoa, Glad you enjoyed it!

Mumon, Happy Birthday! I would be happy to test sit your sitting room, just say the word.
Oh and good call on the Yammamoto tea. It is tasty and fit for human consumption!

Mike Cross said...

Hi Jordan,

Bad news - I've been on dial-up all through June and haven't kept up with your blog.

Bad news - my telephone line conked out on Friday, probably due to lightning

Good news - my French neighbour took pity on me and let me hitch a ride on his wifi!

Bad news - I need sleep too, and this is the best I can do in the way of a comment.

All the best,


P.S. A brief perusal of your June posts indicates that spelling wasn't a criterion for promotion... but congratulations!

SlowZen said...


I trust hitching a ride on your neighbor's wifi means there will be no interruption in posting your gold mining efforts.

No, spelling was not a criteria for promotion. I put no effort into preparing for the promotion board this year. My suspicion is that the trick was in totally giving up.
something I have found incredibly difficult to do.

By the by, started reading the use of self.

Thanks for the well wishes, and many returns!


Mike Cross said...

"The fact remained that I failed more often than not, and nothing was more certain than I must go back and reconsider my premises. This reconsideration shewed me more clearly than ever that the occasions when I failed were those on which I was unable to prevent the dominance of my wrong habitual use, as I attempted to employ the new 'means-whereby' with the idea of gaining my end..."

[The Use of the Self, chap. 1]

Maybe the trick is in totally giving up the idea of gaining the end, in order to really be ready and able to go ahead and gain the end -- something I certainly still fail to do more often than not. The idea of gaining an end can be so troublesome!

Looks like you succeeded though, on this one, and the posting to Okinawa is your reward. Redoubled congratulations!


SlowZen said...

Thanks for the redoubled congratulations. My plan for the moment is doing what is good without expectations. We shall see how it works out.

And thanks again for all of your gold mining efforts.


Thanks for looking!