Did some picnicking yesterday to celebrate Mother’s Day and the spot of nice weather we had. I guess when you have so much rain those sunny days become really special.
Well the picnic somehow led to “oh, we need a new mini cooler for picnics and hiking and road trips and stuff” which led to a trip to REI (I love that place. And yeah I mean that in the attachment way) which led to “Oh I need some cloths that pass for business casual for this next conference” which led to me seeing a pair of dark kaki cargo trousers that would probably do, which led me to looking at the price tag, which led me to having an unfulfilled desire. Those suck. I got to see if the 20% off member coupon is good per visit or not. Yeah, I still want those trousers. I know that they will not lead to lasting happiness or enlightenment. But they would fill a niche in my wardrobe that is kind of empty right now due to the annual purging/ donation to good will of unused items in my wardrobe.

My blog had a recent visitor in the comments section by a Catholic fundamentalist. I did not actually read everything he wrote because it started to look like the language of intolerance, and I just don’t think that is what Jesus had in mind. I had thought of and was even starting to try and reason with him. Duh. After doing a little research I understand that there is little I can do to help this person find peace. I offer the merit of my practice today to Mickyand pray that he may be well and happy.

This morning it was ZMH that did not wake up for sitting. ZMI did wake up and she even took the coveted seat on my left hand side. I have no idea why the kids like to fight over sitting on my left side. That’s weird. Anyway when ZMH did wake up she was really upset by the fact that she did not get to sit with me this morning. I am going to be hitting the road again and doing some traveling; I hope she takes this as a hint that it is her responsibility to wake up.

Skipped breakfast, had some tea and headed to work, way more on my plate right now than I deal with. Too many competing demands.


Barry said...

Our good friends say, when they're heading off to REI, that they're "going to church." It's a good scam, 'cause then you can justify those cargo pants as a donation.

Micky also visited Ox Herding and a number of other Buddhist blogs yesterday - to spread god's word, as he understands it. I just can't imagine going to a Christian blog and posting the good news of Buddhism and enlightenment. I mean...I've got enough work to do one my own life...

Lauren said...

A wave of "too many demands" seems to be passing through the universe these days. Lay low and sip tea till it passes. Or persevere brightly. Or both.

SlowZen said...

Thanks, I have justified those cargo pants as a donation...

Regarding Micky: I feel some pity for him. His practice seems to rely on fear and dogma. I think that would make anyone a little crazy.

By the way I am in Bremerton for the next coupple of nights, anything I should do here in my free time but zazen and sleep?

Good times will pass and bad times will pass. Some tea is nice to appreciate in good and bad times though.

Thanks for looking!