Packing up for another conference today. This one is down south in NOLA. Got t be in the Charlie uniform for this one so I am packing the big bag. ZMI noted that she could fit in this bag and asked if I could pack her. I don't think the TSA guys would like that to much.

I am procrastinating the packing a bit as I write this post.

Yesterday I had the junkaway guys take a full dumpster of old flooring, a dead washer, broken furniture, and other assorted garbage away. They spilled a can of paint that they weren't supposed to take anyway on my driveway so they discounted the visit quite a bit, And then I spent the majority of the afternoon power-washing the driveway. It is only about 20% done so I got that to look forward to when I get back. The garage looks a heck of a lot better without all that trash in it anymore though.

The Beatles are pretty morbid... Ever listen to Maxwell's silver hammer? Eerily cheery song about a serial killer.

Warning: the animation below is not for the squeamish. Mom, you do not want to watch this.


Uku said...

Hahhaa, what a great song! :)

Carol said...

Thanks for the warning, Jordan!

And congrats on getting out the garbage!



Lauren said...

That was fun. But come on, man, it's the Beatles not the Beetles.

I'd like to see that animator deal with "Happiness is a warm gun."

Mumon K said...

Ah, I used to love listening to this stuff. Abbey Road was actually their last album.

Almost the entirety of everything Paul McCartney did in life was with the Beatles.

Can't blame him too much for Maxwell's Silver Hammer, though: "Helter Skelter" wasn't about a racial war, as Charles Manson thought, it was basically a repudiation of "She loves you yeah, yeah, yeah" music.

SlowZen said...

Uku, yeah.

Mom, thanks, love you too.

Lauren, fixed it.

Mumon, What about "Wings?"

Thanks for looking!