NOLA's airport has free wifi!!!

I checked in to my flight early and have some time to type out some thoughts and it looks like I will actually get the opportunity to post them.

I am about three quarters through Did Dogen Go To China. and it is slow going. I am going to go ahead and say that unless you are a big time Dogenoligist you probably can skip this one. Meanwhile I just ordered a bunch of books from Amazon by way of a big credit I got there. But next in my cue is The Flatbed Sutra of Louie Wing by my friend Ted. I know Ted's writing can seem a bit windy at times but I am fairly confident that the book format will due his writing justice. After that in the cue I have Zen Ritual, by Steve Hein, The use of Self by F.M Alexander, and a book on listening not necessarily in that order though. Then I got three more books for reading through the kids.

My thoughts on leaving NOLA have not changed much since I got here. It is a city that is a great place for those with an interest in partying every night. If on the other hand you prefer quiet places this might not be the spot for you. Walking through the French quarter in the evening your senses are assaulted by smell and sight and sound all in the extreme. Oh and the food, it's great! Again I must admit that only about six years or so ago from today I would have loved this place like no other and someone would have probably had to have pealed my off of the sidewalk to get me to the airport this morning. A lot has changed in the last six years. But then change may be the only constant in the universe as far as I know,


Lauren said...

When the universe offers change,
Hold out your begging bowl.

SlowZen said...

and accept it gracefully.

Carol said...

Glad you're on your way home!

And so glad you're experiencing the city in a totally different way!

You have grown tremendously in the past six yrs.! And I love the changes.

You've learned what I learned at about your age--change truly is the only constant and we never know when it's going to come at us! Our only thing to do is to roll with the punches and keep in touch with ourselves!

Love you lots!


SlowZen said...

Thanks Mom, love you too!

Time to get on another plane, Joy! I hope no one has flatulance problems this flight.

Uku said...

Take care, Dharmabro!

Ted Biringer said...

Hi Jordan,

It is truly amazing what a difference six years can make.

Perhaps that old legend has something to it after all...


Thanks for looking!