I just finished cutting the lawn.  If the heat keeps up like it has these last few days there wont be much more of that going on.  Parts of the yard are already starting to look dry.

I have let the yard go this year, weeds and grass and thorn bushes are proliferating in a lot of places I would prefer them not to.  Not sure when I will get to them right now.


The thirteen-minute workout mentioned in the last post is highly effective.  I can vouch for that today, as the effect it has had on my muscles is quite noticeable.  I think I will do that again tomorrow…  Or Monday.  I am really beat.  And it is not that here and there soreness I can get when I try some other routines, this is an all over dull awareness that I got a good workout.  


I have been reading “The Flatbed Sutra of Louie Wing” for a couple few chapters now.  I am glad I find a lot that I disagree with so far.  Reading a book that you just go “yeah, Ok” is so boring. 


Also started watching the HBO series “Generation Kill.”   So far this seems like the most accurate war/Marine Corps show I have seen.   It certainly does not give a romanticized view of the Marine Corps. (Ok, that Sergeant Major Seems a bit over the top, but some Sergeant Majors are over the top…)



This mornings sitting ZMI did not show up until after two bells, she bowed and thanked me for sitting.  What a weird girl.


oxeye said...

She's not weird. It just not real easy trying to teach your judgmental Daddy about zen..

SlowZen said...

Oh, she's perfectly weird. If she wasn't she wouln not be such a wonderful teacher. But yes, I'm admitedly imperfectly judgemental.

Al said...


Those workouts are great! I worked with Jesse(the articles author) for three years. I keep in contact with him on a semi regular basis.

I work in that field and am affiliated with the author of this awesome book: www.bodybyscience.net

Try this workout on for size some time:

1)Body squats: done for a maximum number of reps
Immediately followed by
2)Dips to failure
3)Chins to failure
Repeat the cycle 2 more times with no rest in between. Go puke.

Have you seen this Danzig video?: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmmDRtXXJLU

Barry said...

I read the book on which Generation Kill is based. The first half was incredible, really. It gave me a sense of the adrenalin and attitude needed to do that particular job in that particular place. Unfortunately, the book sorta ran out of juice in the last third (for me, at least). But overall it sure felt "real!"

SlowZen said...

Al, That book sounds like a worthwhile read, I've added it to my wish list.

I see your shopping list and raise you puppets!


Just watched the second disk in the series last night.
Yeah, seems pretty accurate to me.

Al said...

Ha! I love how they are playing some sort of locker room.

Thanks for that.

Thanks for looking!