Woke up before the cat woke me up this morning.
I feel like I cheated him from his little game of attacking my nose, me
wriggling away, and him attacking my nose again. I suppose I should be
grateful it is not another part of my anatomy that also wakes up early
getting attacked.

The sun was up early and I took a nice short run around the neighborhood.
Some much needed pavement pounding after two weeks of traveling. I did hit
up the fitness center in the Marriott in NOLA but it was not exactly Gold's
Gym. I did note that a few hard chargers were out running in the streets of
New Orleans.

After a shower the whole family joined me for morning office followed by
breakfast and tea, the wife made her sugary sweet coffee which the kids
traded their tea for.

At work people around the HTC are getting ready for the annual training
season, each in their own fascinating ways. Many seem to have given up on
getting anything accomplished prior to heading out to Camp Hawthorne. I'll
be on the remain behind element so it is business as usual for me other than
picking up some of the collateral duties of those who are out in the field.

In other news the network guys are doing their job by keeping the network
focused on work. Doing my morning news reading I found that I can't open
some pages and things are generally buggy. Thanks guys...

It is a really gorgeous day outside and here I am in my windowless office.

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