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Got home late last night so I skipped evening office in order to maximize growth and repair time. Set the alarm for 0500 again which seemed to not be in line with the cat's schedule, luckily he was not in a violent mood and did not attack my nose as he has in the past.

This morning ZMH and I were joined by the PoC who started pouting/blubbering/crocodile crying on the zafu almost immediately. She and I have some communication barriers and I was not able to extract the source of her suffering so I just held her on my lap for this sitting which seemed to placate her.

During breakfast it was reveled by ZMH that the reason the PoC was crying was because she wanted a blanket which the PoC agreed was indeed the case. Apparently she was jealous because Hannah was sitting with her mothers bath robe. I do not know why she would not indicate that to me. Still it was nice to have her there.

Breakfast was fun, ZMH wanted waffles, the PoC wanted cereal, and I had some nato and rice. I didn't have any green onions though...Boo!

At the office it was a urinalysis day and my job for the last five hours has been to check ID cards and instruct people on where and how to sign the documentation. Not how I would have liked to spend my morning but at least I am not the pecker checker.

Lunch break is almost over so it is time to see if I can get some productivity out of the day.


Lauren said...

Jordan, you are some odd bird preferring nat'to over waffles. (I guess I should clarify that as nat'to *instead* of waffles, lest you try them over waffles, literally). If I remember the one week I tried eating the delightful beans, they can have their own interesting effect on "your analysis" (pun intended.)


SlowZen said...

I did not really have a preference other than the wife had moved the nato from the freezer to the refrigerator specifically for my breakfast the night before.

The waffles were banana flavored, I did get a bite but I had the nato over rice.

Nato over banana flavored waffles... hmmmm glad I am not a Theravada monk... I have herd stories of curry and ice cream, yummy!

Ted Biringer said...

Ha Ha!

This is great!

It sounds to me like the PoC was extremely proficient in communicating and aquiring her true want (which I think had more to do with a warm lap than a warm blanket).

One time Aitken Roshi's 3 or 4 year old grandson stopped by after he had been to visit the zoo.

Aitken Roshi asked him, "Did you see the hippopotamus?"

The child immediately crouched over and waddled around the room. Tacit? Yes. A clear reply? Absolutely.

Thanks Jordan!

Ted Biringer

SlowZen said...

Hey Ted,

Thanks for visiting stranger!

Hope things are going well for you and yours up north.

Cherry blossoms are in season here.

All the best,

Thanks for looking!