Seriously, if you ever see the package pictured above, do not believe it is choice or even extra choice. If your green tea when freshly brewed, does not appear green, that is a sign. If it tastes like a compost heap, that is a sign. I don't know what GARASHA means, but to me it means "tastes like bad." This has been a public service announcement.

This mornings sitting was pretty serene. ZMH joined and she sat very still only asking about time once. Serene sitting will not happen all the time. Serene sitting will not happen all the time. But I think it is OK to appreciate it when it does.

After sitting ZMH was a bit despondent that I had to go to work. I couldn't come up with anything other than that I have to work so we can have a roof over our heads and eat.

I shoud make some kind of plan of attack for today's workday. Little steeps are likely going to be the best rout today. I spent yesterday looking at the big picture and failed to get anything accomplished.


Leaf Dharma said...

I find some of my Green Teas have a really bitter taste. Almost like I'm tasting the pesticides they spray on it. As a rule I try to avoid most Chinese Green Tea as I have yet to find a good organic one.

SlowZen said...

Hey BT,

I call that the Spit Wad Factor factor.
Even the "Organic" green teas can be misleading. Organic certainly does not necessarily mean quality. Some of the best green tea (sencha) that I have been able to get regularly (note that there are many seasonally available teas from Japan that are really good, just made in small batches and not widely available) have been from My Green Tea and SugimotoI have no idea on Chinese green tea.
Happy brewing!

Ann said...

Garasha= Latin Gratia = English Grace; also name of Japanese Christian heroine & samarai's wife. Here's the wiki on it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hosokawa_Gracia

molly said...

Thanks for the public service announcement. It even had me giggling.

MyoChi said...

Ha! Paying bills is a very good motivator for working. I forgot, what does ZMH stand for?

SlowZen said...

Ann, Thanks for the info!

Molly, Always happy to provide a source of amusement.

Myochi, ZMH is Zen Master Hannah.

Thanks for looking!