What are you looking for?

Nella Lou often does these types of things. I figured out how too so I thought I would post some keywords that people are coming to the blog through for the last few days in order of predominance... With some (sometimes snarky)commentary!

1. combat fitness test
Ok , I deserve this one…
2. jordan fountain blog
Ach, Stalker!
3. hurt feelings report
Yeah, maybe they will learn something here?
4. brad warner book reviews
5. demand for home trash compactors
What the???
6. pvc shakuhachi
Hope that helped!
7. shakuhachi yuu
Hey I got one of those…
8. zen wrapped in karma review
Hope that worked out for you.
9. "hurt feelings report"
Oh you again…
10. albigen
Wow, that’s old stuff.
11. albigen papers
Wow, that’s old stuff.
12. being selfless
Well, I try…
13. booger removal
Neti Pot!
14. brad warner criticism
Not really.
15. brad warner reviews
Well, Ok
16. brad warner zen chocolate
17. clear pvc shakuhachi
Nope haven’t made one of those
18. combat fitness test fitreps
Don’t think I mention fitreps did I?
19. combat fitness test usmc
Hunh, you again?
20. fuke in ass
Pervert, all these are coming from middle eastern countries too…
21. fuke rinzai
22. gift for a zen priest ordination
23. hakuin ekaku tea pot
Ok that would be a cool gift too…
24. heart sutra in tibetan chant writing
Don’t think you will find that here..
25. how to make pvc shakuhachi
Glad to be of service!
26. hurt feelings report form
Ok I still laugh at it too.
27. hurtfeelingsreport
It never gets old.
28. japan chanting heart sutra
I mostly chanted the beer sutra when I was in Japan
29. kapok filling
I am a fan of that stuff.
30. large boogers
Two words… Neti Pot!
31. marine combat fitness test
Study hard!
32. marines vs civilian friends
Yeah that was a good one too.
33. marines vs civilians
That would not be a fair game.
34. megumi sharma
What the?
35. my brother fuke me
Excuse me? Please seek counseling.
36. namu amida butsu chants
Hey My wife does that.
37. patterns for zafus
Try this http://www.buddhamind.info/leftside/lifestyl/medi/zafu.htm

38. photos de sohaku ogata
39. pvc shakuhachi specifications
Sure got those.
40. ray brooks blowing zen
Great book!
41. republic of tea matcha tea
It is OK, Margie has got the good stuff though.

42. sayings of rinzai
Link on the right.
43. steve cioccolanti
Should I know this guy?
44. study zen tokyo 2009
I havn’t been to Tokyo in over a decade.
45. the repubic of tea
Go with my Green Tea

46. us military hurt feelings
It happens…
47. zazen
48. zazen headache
49. zen communities
I have heard of those.
50. zen is stupid
51. zen teachings on hurt
Ask Rinzai


oxeye said...

"marines vs civilians
That would not be a fair game."

well.. it would all depend on the game of course.. but we could spot you some points. :)

SlowZen said...

Golf is out then...

Thanks for looking!