About seven or so months ago the shower fixture in the master bedroom broke making that shower inoperable. We decided not to repair it because we wanted to fix up that whole bathroom anyway, but just did not have it in the budget at the time. Last night the main bathroom suffered the same calamity. Now we have no functional shower in the house and I will have to fix at least one of them tonight.

What I find annoying is the construction methods and materials used on the fixtures is unsat. The fixtures themselves are obviously cheep and certainly not designed to last a life time. To add insult to injury they are welded on to the pipes instead of threaded in. Making replacement really challenging. Boo.

This morning ZMH was sleepy and rested her head on my thigh for most of the sitting. Before I left the house the kids snuck some of their toys into my bag. Awww.


Lauren said...

You got some sweet kids.

I can't believe "welded." I'd love to see a pic of that.

SlowZen said...

Hey Lauren, the kids give each other and their momster hell so my posts may be misleading.

As to the pipes, the proper term may be "soldered" vice welded. But same problem for me. I will post some pics via twitter this evening.

Barry said...

Jordan, I love the way your blog has evolved lately - to include your daily reports of sitting with the kids. Really, I look forward to it every day...and the toys in the bag...wow!

Sorry to hear that your showers have stopped flowing. Must be stinky in your home right about now...

SlowZen said...

Yeah my brother calls it the Jordan Fountain Show. Glad you are finding it pleasing.

What cracks me up on the toys is that I had seen one of them, a little purple mirror, in my bag before I left for work and removed it from my bag. When I got to work it had made it back in somehow.

As to stinking, the wife and kids are pretty fanatical about bathing. I understand that ZMH got a shower in the kitchen sink this morning and ZMI gets a shower after her swimming lessons. The wife goes to the gym and can shower there, and that leaves me. Normally I would shower here at work but the facility here is being remodeled right now. So I really need to get this taken care of tonight. But just in case; I do have some smell good spray in the car…

Thanks for looking!