Weekday alarm went off at 0410. I hit the snooze button. When it went off again I was ready to drag myself out of bed to the alter; light incense and do prostrations. First sitting my mind seemed really energized. Anyone else experience vibrations? Weird… After two bells I got up mage tea and ate some raisin bran. Went to the girls room and ever so gently touched ZMH on the shoulder and whispered “do you want to sit with me this morning?” she shook her head (Still asleep?) I left and she followed me. she was a little wiggly this morning, maybe because she did not join me for sitting yesterday I don’t know. At 29 minuets she asked how long? I told her she could get up any time she wanted but she stayed sitting. When the bell rang we got up and did our bows I proceeded to get ready for work and she busied herself making toaster pancakes. She asked if she could make me breakfast but I explained I already ate but thanked her for her consideration.

Tea to go, hugs, and out the door. Listen to a podcast from SFZC for the drive to work. It is different from Ajan Bram.

Inbox at work is flooded. Everyone in the shop is going down sick. Work!


Anonymous said...

Chop wood, carry water. Thanks for the play-by-play ;)

SlowZen said...

Answer e-mails, file correspondence.

Thanks for reading!

Lauren said...

4:10 yikes!

I'm interested in your ceremony. This just sounds too cheeky, but what prostrations do you do (e.g. full out laying down?) and why are they part of your daily routine?

SlowZen said...

Hi Lauren,
I don't know about cheeky.
But I do three floor prostrations standing palms together to kneeling palms together to forehead on the ground with palms raised above my head. This is just part of morning office, honoring Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha. But I suppose it is also good for getting the blood flowing through the body after just waking up. As to why, gosh, it just seems like the right thing to do for me at the time.

Thanks for looking!