This morning I allowed myself the luxury of waking up without using an alarm. I needed it and feel much better.
The kids were already up by the time I was ready for morning office and both participated.
The PoC really impressed me by her ability to remain relatively still for so long. I know allot of adults struggle to sit for 20 minuets a day and here is a four year old sitting for a half hour.

Anyway normally I do about four hours worth of sitting on Saturday mornings but I am letting it go this weekend because I woke up so late. Maybe later.

Looks gloomy out. Good day for naps and reading I think.

Oh, and if you want to read some important news, click here!


Anonymous said...

That was a courageous step.

I'm kinda proud of you. ;-)

SlowZen said...


MyoChi said...

Good that you rested. Sometimes we have to honour our bodies and give them the rest they need even if brain says otherwise..:) I am having a very restful long weekend at Blue Cliff Monastery myself.

SlowZen said...

Sorry for the late response, hope the monastery treats you well.

Thanks for looking!