My Mom sent me this one, I was a little surprised that it was not, as the title seemed t suggest, a Buddhist cookbook. Nope, not at all. Not even a recipe.

It turned out to be a fairly well written Buddha Drama book. With the author being the subject, and the subject being a recovering academic and Chef. I could relate well to the food service parts of the book since I spent about nine years doing that bit for Mother Marine Corps. The setting for the book was a Tibetan retreat center, which was a refreshing change from all of the “Zen” oriented books I read. Actually Buddha Drama books are pretty nice too. It is a lot like reading one of the many practice blogs I like to read (and write) only edited and on paper instead of on my computer screen.

I have to say I never would have picked this book out for myself due to the Tibetan content so it kind of opened my heart up a little to those who choose that way of practice, which was probably needed more than I thought. So thanks Mom!


Carol said...

Hi Jordan,

Glad you liked the book! Sorry, never thought about it being from Tibet--the title just appealed to me!

Am really enjoying your posting lately! It's a way to keep in touch.

Spring break for most around here. Finally got some rain so glad we scooped poop when we did!

Love U!


SlowZen said...

Hi Mom,
I am glad you have been enjoying the postings lately.
I saw the weather news from Texas after we talked last week? was it last week? (oh, I did not call this weekend doh!)

Well the living room is brown and green now... Just got to do the kitchen and halls and then we will be ready to tear out the old carpet and put down some fake wood floors.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this Jordan. I have become more open recently to other forms of practice as well. I am not a Zen or Tibetan practitioner, in fact I do not even call myself a Buddhist, though I meditate 2 hours daily in the technique that was taught by the Buddha, and his teachings I strive to practice.

For a while I was actually turned off by all the labels and "religious" aspects of other traditions, but now my heart is far more open, as a result of the practice I am sure.

oxeye said...

Hi Jordan, Your mini review led me to look for some more book info, which in turn led me to this video on Ed Brown and our relationship to food. I hadn't seen it before and thought maybe you and some others hadn't either. It can be found here if anyone's interested. Been enjoying your descriptions of family zazen. take care, Jeff

SlowZen said...

I guess I call my "Self" a Buddhist because it is easier than saying I practice a system of training that I hear leads to enlightenment all the time.

But if we look at the word religion as meaning "to bind oneself tightly" than I would say that I have indeed bound myself tightly to this system of training that reportedly leads to enlightenment. But gosh that is a mouthful.

Thanks as always for your kind words!


I think there was a whole documentary about this I saw before I canceled netflix. Good stuff thought I can't watch the youtoube clip from here I am pretty sure it is the same guy.

Glad you have been appreciating the posts!

Thanks for looking!