03/10/2009 ZaZen Update 98662

Last night I thanked Hannah for joining me for ZaZen that morning. She said she would like to do that every day. I was doubtful… When the alarm went off in the morning I considered waking her up, but I decided not to. I did decide not to go straight to the Zafu but instead unload the dishwasher and put some dishes away. That did the trick as a Han (the wooden board that monks beat in a monastery to let people know that a practice period is about to begin.) Hannah woke up and helped me with the dishes. I asked why she got up and she said it was ZaZen time…. Of course it was. So we lit incense, did prostrations and then I put on my Rakusu… Now she wants a Rakusu too… I told her she would have to ask her mother about that.

Anyhow Hannah got up at 21 minutes into the sitting; hey a six year old being still for 21 minutes is still pretty impressive to me… Bowing the Zafu and saying in a mater of fact manor “That’s enough; I’m going to go make you waffles now Daddy.”


So about 20 minutes later I got off the Zafu and the toaster waffles were on a plate in the kitchen waiting for me. The waffles were lovingly slathered with margarine and enough maple syrup to drown a Canadian in. Needless to say the waffles were also ice cold.

Best ice cold toaster waffles I ever had. I fried a couple of eggs to supplement our waffles, ate, and thanked Hannah for joining me once again. Hugs, kisses, and out the door.

I could get used to this.


Just Zazen said...

That is just awesome! Come clean, what's your trick!

SlowZen said...

Just Zazen,
I don't know if there is a trick. But from some observation I can say that there was a time when I tried to force everyone and everything into my view. When I stopped doing that things just started working out differently. A good friend once said something to the effect of "Allowing" things to happen instead of trying to make them happen. It takes time and allot of letting go of our preconceptions of how things "Should" be and acceptance of how things are.

Anonymous said...

happy for you and your daughter :-)

SlowZen said...

Me too!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like she's got Zazen nailed - she stops when it's time to stop.

SlowZen said...

Mike H, yeah, it does!

Lauren said...

Perfect! Real Action. Doing exactly what was needed all the way around.

SlowZen said...

Thanks Lauren!

Carol said...

Hi Jordan,

Just getting caught up on some of your recent posts.

Hannah is such a sweetheart! A lot of what you're saying has to do with letting go and letting "god" or your higher power or whatever. It always amazes me on how things happen just the way they're supposed to happen when I stay out of my own way!

Loved the post about getting ready for deployment. Unfortunately, I'm afraid it's all too true!

Love U!


SlowZen said...

Hi Mom!

Glad to see you stopping in!

Today I was having trouble staying out of my own way. It happens..


Thanks for looking!