Great Realizations (and a blog name change)

Great Realizations
Do not always feel so good.
An attachment can be like a cancer that has to be cut out.

So, I have just renamed the blog Succession of insights, since that seems more appropriate now.


Barry said...

Congratulations on the new name!

If we're practicing to feel good, things probably won't go so well for us. But when we make friends with whatever feelings appear, in succession, then no problem!

Uku said...

Congratulations, Jordan! Great name. I wish you all the best!


Jeanette Yuinen Shin said...

I like the new name!

SlowZen said...

Barry, Uku, Chaplain Shin,

Thanks, just a new sign on the old building.
Of course, with the auspicious name I should probably attempt to write something important. Maybe I will talk about my navel and lint?

Uku said...

In a fundamental state, what can be more important subject than navel and flint? Everyone can write intellectual crap but quite a few can actually write about the true meaning of navel and flint.. in our daily lifes... in our practice. ;)


oxeye said...

Jordan, Good post. For me, attachments are the cement for my erroneous ideas about myself. The sheer number of attachments that most of us have is staggering. Paraphrasing what you said in an earlier post, We can even get attached to the idea of dropping attachment. They are endless and subtle. The main thing I need to remember is that I am only am attached to something when I imagine it as being separate from myself, or in other words, when I am imagining Myself..

Great realizations do happen with practice. Attachments are realized with practice. Attachments can be dropped with practice. And they can even be cemented by practice.. Steady on bro.

SlowZen said...

Jeff, Uku,
Thanks for dropping in. I always appreciate your comments.

Thanks for looking!