Some Thing From "Samurai Dave""


Unknown said...


Wonderful juxtaposition of busy and still, black and white.


Lauren said...

Very beautiful...brings two thoughts...both yours for free.

Thought 1.
I was a practicing Quaker for a while in college. Learned then that Quakers used to dress in simple black clothes. They did not even have buttons because they were too worldly. After a few decades they notices that their "simple" clothes made them stand out as a class apart. Too much "you aren't Quaker 'cause you don't dress simply enough" so the abandoned their "simple" dress for "common dress." Like "normal" Walmart or Target clothes.
---When your "non-attachment" becomes an attachment, you must abandon non-attachment.

Thought 2.
If you're sympathetic with the contrast/sorrow of modern Japan with "old" Japan, give a listen to "Pacific Overtures" a musical by Stephen Sondheim. Its very sweet, and funny, and sad in this regard of the "old, simple ways" giving into modernity. It also taught me a fair bit about Japanese history.

Cheers, as always

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Thank you for looking!


Thanks I will look into that... Maybe... When I have time... OK I'll read the wikipedia entry and may be some clickable links after that.

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