Refugees United

Today is a Blog Action Day for Refugees United a nice group of folks who try and get families back together. That is a really cool cause. Now I am not the kind of guy who has the time to run down every good cause and post it up on my blog, I know there are a lot of them. But this one hits home with me because being away from home and family sucks, even when it is by our own choice. Being forced out of your home because someone dropped a bomb on it or is trying to ethnically cleanse you because you go to a different church than they do, well that sucks even worse than Windows Vista. Ok, Ok I am speculating on both accounts, I have not ever been ethnically cleansed and I only have worked on a Vista operating system long enough to see that it dose not have HyperTerminal, and is therefore worthless for what I need it to do.

OK, that was an example of treating heavy things as if they were light, but the refugee situation is really serious and thank goodness there are some really serious people trying to help them out. Check out http://www.refunite.org and http://www.refugees.org/

Seriously, a lot of these refugees are little kids, what would Jizo do?


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Thanks for posting this, Jordan. I put it up on Ox Herding, borrowing your Jizo image.


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Thank you for this post, Jordan.

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