As Seen On The Worst Horse

You may have seen these on The Worst Horse; They are now appearning at the Japanese Market down in Beaverton.

Uh. OK, Yeah their creepy.

Take Care,


Lauren said...

Chuckie meets Buddha?!

SlowZen said...

Yes! that is a comparison that easily resonates!

Creepy Cherub Buddha, keep away from knives!

Barry said...

I dunno. They're probably not any creepier than us human buddhas.

SlowZen said...

Barry I had not considered that before, good point!

Uku said...

I can easily imagine that after those statue's owners have gone for bed, those creepy Buddhas starts doing some nasty things. Or joyful things.

Cool. :)

SlowZen said...

going around meditating all over the place. Horrifying!

Anonymous said...

What do you put in it?




oxeye said...

Maybe it makes more sense keeping our money in one of these handsome guys instead of a bank..

SlowZen said...

Mike, Jeff,

Yes they would make a good container for emptiness!

they may even come pre-filled!

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Kinda cute in a plastic sorta way.

Jeanette Yuinen Shin said...

Gee, those make me want to rush on down to my local Marukai market :/-

When I was on deployment, I amused my self by reading this book called "Rapture Ready' which was about Christian pop culture, and how there is even a sales convention which displays 'Jesus junk" (they call it), kitsch like Jesus bobbleheads and nightlights! It's been around for decades. The whole point of the said kitsch is, of course, to draw people closer to Jesus. It's maybe a uniquely American phenomenon?

Are we taking notes from this? Maybe we will not be so far behind!

SlowZen said...


I have no idea what to say to that.


I hope it is just a phase, it should die out in a couple of hundred years or so.

This reminds me of a story. Two Zen masters walk into a Smokey bar. There is a bunch of miscreants there a prostitute soliciting johns, a drug dealer, some junkies, and of course a bunch of drunks just a really shady place. One Zen master pounds his staff on the floor three times and says loudly “this is the perfection of reality!” The other looks around and says, “yeah, what a pity.”

(SSgt Fountain)

Thanks for looking!