Achy Joints and post nasal drip
Make me long to make a trip
To a land down south, where the weather is fine,
And on Mama’s cooking, I can dine


Barry said...

Is that Bryan, Texas?

- Barry

Anonymous said...

Jordan--Get well Soon! Ann (chessie)

SlowZen said...


Thank you for the well wishes,
I'll Try!

Barry said...

Ah....Brazos County. I lived in College Station when I was 11 - 13. My dad taught "military science" at Texas A&M. It's hard to imagine my father having anything to say on that topic, but the Air Force knew best, I suppose. I had a blast - rattlesnakes, water moccasins, toads, and all the rest. I remember Brian as a pretty sleepy little town. And I remember A&M as a pretty upright place. There's more, but you get the drift..

Hope you feel better soon!


Carol said...

Wish I'd checked in sooner! Sure wish you could be here, too! I'd love to feed you and take care of you!

It's actually been a pretty decent Fall so far although I still long for cooler temps to put me in the mood to make cool weather dishes.

Muggy today and rained a bit earlier. Dad and I are kinda spinning our wheels but it takes time to make airline reservations--scary too to think we might be doing the wrong thing or I might be pushing the wrong button!

Love you and hope you're feeling better by now!


SlowZen said...

Hi Mom,
Costumes are here and the kids love them, Megumi and I do too!

My cold cleared up long enough for me to do some work around the house, fixed a heater, cleared some broken furniture out of the garage, and fixes a leaky drain on the kitchen sink while Megumi has been busy working on sanding down all the kitchen cabinets. I am really proud of all the hard work she is doing.

I am looking forward to y'all coming up here and have already ordered a replacement mixer...

Out oven is down to two functioning elements and the dish washer just quit, so it may be a whole new kitchen by the time you come up here.

Really looking forward to it.


SlowZen said...


It seems like a nice place. My brother went to school down there and never left. My folks decided that they wanted to be by one of us and since I am constantly moving around, Texas seemed the obvious choice.

I love the green here in the Pacific Northwest, but I would like to be closer to family now more than any other time in my life.

Take care,

Thanks for looking!