Bridal Veil Falls

I finaly got the wife and kids out on a hike. We went to bridal veil falls, than made some smores.
I know it is a tiny hike. But it was just enough to leave them wanting more. were are going again today to see some other falls.
Cousin Bruce, take note!


Bruce said...

Good to see it. Consider the note taken. It's been slow hiking this year given the 6 month old and my schedule. But I shall return for some good Fall hikes. My sister -- Heather -- has moved out here now. We need to all get together -- perhaps for a Bears game?

SlowZen said...

I feel your pain. A game would be good, as long as the Bears win.
The kids have been noticeably rhino virus free for a while too; so we all need to get down there to see Nile. It would be great to see Heather too!

Send me an e-mail and we can try and de-conflict our schedules.

Anonymous said...

Nice pics of your hike! Looks like a beautiful place to enjoy.

Maybe you'll enjoy this little hike, too?

Be well!


SlowZen said...

Wow! nice views. I don't think I'd take the kids on that one though. Plus I did not see any waterfalls.

So when are you coming up this way? Hannah and Iris would love to see their grand uncle and I bet you have not met Bruce and Tina's Nile yet either, but wait there is more, Heather is up here now too!

Take care,

Thanks for looking!