First three songs

Some of you may recognise these from waaaaaaay back.
Ok not that way back, it has been just shy of 2 years that I first learned to play Hinomaru.
Hannah was still shorter than a doorknob then!

Be well, be happy!


Yamakoa said...

Hi Jordan,

I am enjoying your flute playing. It had inspired me to pick up the guitar again. Not that I am very good, but I feel very good when I am strumming along.

Keep up the good work.

Almost forgot. Thanks to your post, I recorded "Buddhas Warrior." I got a chance to see it. I found it pretty interesting, although I got the feeling that it was kind of pre-digested information and they really glossed over some very important material.
The most interesting part was that my wife really liked it, and it kindled her curiosity in buddhism. I just wanted to thank you for posting that info, in spite of your reservations of the media outlets.

Take care,

SlowZen said...


Thanks, glad you are enjoying the blog!
And that your wife has taken an interest in the dharma, that is great!


Thanks for looking!