Blog Flog

Just a few practice journals I have been appreciating lately.
I thought I would put this up before I started talking (flogging) about practice again.

Coffee Shop Dharma

Thoughts and observations as Blogger “Inner Oddness” walks the eight fold path.
A new blog with some great links!

Mike's Musings
A Journal of Mike H’s random thoughts (and addressing the important issue of PTSD)

We Angry Buddhists.

A blog where Angry Buddhists, and other people, talk about anger and related stuff...(and maybe Dr. Phil, who is now "like, so yesterday").

zazen の ローレン

A record of Blogger “Lauren’s” journey into Zen


EDGEY said...

Thanks for the links... "We Angry Buddhists" peaked my interest. :)

SlowZen said...

Sure thing bro, how's things in NYC?

EDGEY said...

Things are good, been spending too much time indoors in the suburbs... and decided to venture into NYC saturday night for a show. I was starting to miss that energy there.

Alia said...

Thanks for the blog reference, I enjoy your blog as well :)

Thanks for looking!