Talkin bout the Heart Sutra With Megumi (3)


training or study/practice to wake up to satori

gyo means study
gin means get
hanya means wisdom
hara/mitsu/ta means wake up about [what is]true
ge means time


Yamakoa said...

Hi Jordan,
Did you write that caligraphy? It is quite astounding.

A while back I sent you a link to a fitness site http://www.crossfit.com. It is very popular with military and combat personal. Did you ever get a chance to use look around. The best part it is free. Free of money, but trust me you pay with sweat and tears.

PS - for some reason I could not hyperlink the website into comments box. Sorry

SlowZen said...

My wife wrote the calligraphy, she says thanks!
Much like my handwriting, my attempts look like they were written by a third grader... Word-processing software hides that well, until I sign my name.

I did go to crossfit a while ago. coincidentally I have not been pushing hard enough on the fitness side lately, I will write more about that on the fishwrap come friday.

Thanks for stopping in,

Thanks for looking!