Friday Fish Wrap

Ok I already spent it paying off debt too but that is ok. I bought myself some financial breathing room by paying off the main card (Again, how did it grow so fast? oh that, right, the dollar is worth less than it was before. I guess we could blame that uncle for that…) and also paid off the new washer, plus was able to save some money on my car insurance by prepaying. I have a little over 2k left in credit debt aside from the mortgage. Down from over 10k a year ago! I planned on being free from debt by now but the economy had different ideas. Things change.

A bit sleepy this morning. I had to take a Devil Dog to the airport at 0430, and as a result I missed my morning Zafu appointment, so I did office chair Zen. It is the same but different.

There is a heat wave coming in for the weekend, supposed to be 95` out this afternoon. I will have put the AC unit in the window when I get home to appease the natives. They do not react well to being told to “Suck it up.” I did not have AC growing up. My parents waited till the kids were out of the house for that. In hindsight, I appreciate it. I sure did not like that growing up though.

With the heat and sun comes growth in the garden and lawn. The grass is overdue for a trim and the algae are blooming in the pond. New weeds to pull, I am not sure if I am going to plant anything this weekend or not right now. Some hedges need clipping, haven’t done that in a while.

I also have to finish off those flutes I was working on last weekend and do some grocery shopping with the family. I am trying to figure out what I want, but noting seems to be missing right now. Oh yeah, bamboo working tools to make flutes and a Tengai hat! Maybe next tax return…. Hey all you readers in Japan! I see you lurking out there. Do me a favor and scour the antique shops for me. I’ll pay you back, when I can.

I still have not messed with the new water colors at all. I might find time for that this weekend…might not.

I got a red eye. Iris had a nightmare Thursday night and wedged herself between Megumi and me. I think she slept with her foot on my eyeball. It looks worse than it feels. Someone thought I had pink eye. Good times!

Things are pretty much how they appear.

May you be free from suffering!

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