Friday Fishwrap

I felt, may be, my Asura nature rising up this week.
I can not say I am attempting to suppress it.

It is rather humorous to me though. When I am able to step back and look at the big picture, I see that I am attempting to defend something that needs no protector.
I suppose it is just in my nature.
I am concerned however, that others may get misled by the often confusing antics of sages and fools. The kalama sutra is something that I think everyone should be familiar with.

I put in a package for promotion, a letter to the promotion board and two letters of recommendation. There are two allocations for promotion in my field; I share the above zone with about 50 other Marines. I had a hard time writing the letter. I find it difficult to write my own praises, but that is pretty much what has to be done. I would appreciate any prayers for my merit.

Over the next week I will likely not have internet access. So I apologize in advance if I am not able to follow up on comments or correspondence.

May you be free from suffering,


Carol said...

Good luck and prayers for your promotion!

Sorry you won't have internet access. Why?

I've finally posted--see Flower Power!

Love you always!


Ted Biringer said...

Congrats in advance--you got it in the bag man!

Also, IT arrived! Cool... I took the box into my zendo, sat on my zafu, carefully, and mindfully opened it. Then spent 20 minutes playing it... Only thing is, my does not make any sound?

Ha! I watched some of your posts again, and I think I am starting to understand... I will keep you posted.

Talk to you soon my friend,
Take care,

SlowZen said...

Thanks for the prayers!

I was staying in a Barraks, and only a Govt' computer to work on.

I love the Flower power post.


SlowZen said...


Thank you for the advanced congrats.

I am likely going to be headed up to Tacoma for a few days pretty soon. I'll let you know.
Keep breathing!


Thanks for looking!