Friday Fish wrap: 20080425

All the news that is fit to wrap a fish in.

In no particular order…

Mike Doe has been speaking my mind lately. Particularly here:
But I think it may be benificial to spot the sameness too.

To bad he dropped out of Flapping Mouths, I enjoyed his participation.

The end blown flute: I played a variation of Hinamaru the other day. Using the 2nd and 3rd register vice the 1st and 2nd. For me it was a taste of bliss, I saw that both the flute and I were capable of doing something I did not know either of us (arising together) could do. A little taste of heaven… Takuan, the Pug Dog, who was my audience, did not appear impressed. To him my little piece of heaven was likely the equivalent of a nail being run across a chalk board. He cocked his head and observed.

Work: has been slow. Waiting on others… I did data call before I left for a week and was hoping to have the results on Monday when I came back. That did not happen. I am still waiting on three sites to comply. It would be easy to suffer on this. I could make comparisons to the Fleet and say, If this were somewhere else I could just do it myself!
But that is not the case, and I am learning some patience and making efforts where I can in the meantime. Next week I will be going to the Rifle and pistol Range to put holes in paper from distances of 7-500 meters. It is up in the air right now weather I will be qualifying with my trusty A2 or one of the fancy new M-4 carbines. I asked three times yesterday and did not get resolution. I am not sure it really matters what I shoot, the principals of marksmanship remain the same. I have resolved to ware my glasses when I shoot this year. Last year I missed expert by 3 points and, well, even though I might argue that the sharpshooter badge is more aesthetically pleasing, As a Marine it is best to be an expert.

Money: Food and Gas prices are going up. Sprint is robbing me, and I lost my Cell phone in DC. My pay has not increased to offset any of this. I have adjusted and may have to continue to adjust. I expect resistance to the considered adjustments.
A Zero balance on the primary card is out of reach right now. But I am striving to change that.

Kids: have had some kind of viral rash the older one picked up in Day care. This has had an effect on the wife who has now had them full time all week, and has not had “her time” at the gym. Which has had an effect on me due to her venting her frustrations on me. I smile a lot and give frequent hugs, and pats on the back.

Tea: Good news on this front I have been enjoying some Sencha dropped off by one of my wife’s friends, A longtime Bodhisattva of tea, and I have a can of Matcha from another Bodhisattva of Tea, But I have not yet had the chance to fully appreciate it yet. Hopefully that circumstance will arise this weekend, somewhere between cutting grass, pulling weeds, shopping, ZaZen, SuiZen, cutting the dogs nails, playing with kids, playing with the wife, Sleeping, eating, reading, painting, cleaning, blogging,...

Ink! I got some colored inks from my niece in Japan. I have not played with them at all yet. The instructions were not written for me. But I think it can be diluted proportionally with water on any ratio from 5 to 500 parts.

Time to get back to work!

May you be free from suffering,


Unknown said...

Maybe we'll disagree tomorrow and even things out!

SlowZen said...

A bit of wisdom I learned from my mother:

Yesterday is history,
Tomorrow is a mystery,
Right now is a gift,
That's why it's called the present!

Take care,

sweetpersimmon said...

I hope you enjoy the matcha.


SlowZen said...

I will let you know how it turns out!

Carol said...

Always good to get an update.

We just experienced a power outage and had to call the power company at midnight. They came pretty quickly. It originated in the backyard in the garden but they had trouble getting the right part. It's 2:30 AM and Jeff and the gang are coming for breakfast. Then Benjamin's graduation from TaeKwonDo and then an event at Allen So it will be a busy day.
There is an electrical smell in the house I don't like but think it is dissipating.

All of this would be better in a post! I'll do that soon!


SlowZen said...

Please take good care.
Hope to see a new post soon!


Yamakoa said...

just want to stop by and say hello.. Always enjoy listening to your posts. I agree with what MikeDoe wrote. But I guess we have to try. I also think that pearl of wisdom that your mom imparted on you is not only clever but an enlightened way to live.
Be well.

SlowZen said...

Thank you for your kind words.
I think the word “strive” is maybe more accurate than “try”
But then again, their just words.

Take care!

Thanks for looking!