Friday Fish wrap, evening edition

Home for the weekend.

I had a bunch of stuff to say.
It is a bit like the flute.
They may be empty,
or contain the whole universe.

Ok, got some yard work done last weekend.
Cut the grass, pulled some weeds planted some seeds, Lavender.

The week seemed to whiz by quickly.
I discovered a new desire.
I would like to make my own bamboo flute.
After making the PVC flutes I find them pretty wonderful and all, but they are not bamboo. The bamboo dose have a certain impermanent quality.
The tools for making Bamboo flutes are expensive, so it will have to wait.
I may try and find a long drill bit and make a broomstick shakuhachi just for kicks… Later

My practice has been steady this week. Working on some composition with a friend from Treeleaf Sangha. Fun stuff. My first go was pretty far out, After trying to play what I had written I found it unpleasant to the ear. Still a work in progress. This weekend hopefully will allow me to put some more time into it.

It is snowing…

Be well and happy

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