Friday Fish wrap (evening edition)

Wow, another week where I seem to be happy. Usually after I post something like that I am immediately brought down to earth. Has not happened for a while. But I don’t think I am too attached to being happy either. Just where I am right now.

Last weekend was the usual. Shopping, taking care of bills. I did exchange the new phones we had gotten for different ones. The original ones were a bit challenging for us. Maybe we are getting old.

Got new furniture at work this week. That was interesting. I do not think that furniture makes people more productive at work. I found out that I really need to open up my desk drawers and do a good cleaning out. Funny how cluttered up things can get if you are not mindful of all the garbage you pack in there.

Hannah and Iris did a full half hour of Zazen on Wednesday. Well Iris passed out on my lap but Hannah amazed me. She is 5 years old. I can’t imagine sitting still for 5 minutes when I was 5, unless I was asleep.

Played the flute every day this week. Megumi Promised to take the kids out this weekend so I might try and do another recording. Maybe move to a quieter room too.

Planning on getting out in the yard this weekend if the weather cooperates. Got some weeding and seeding to do.

Have a fun and safe weekend!


Carol said...

You seem happy and content, Jordan, and I'm so happy for you!
Hannah and Iris are amazing!
I'm doing better--being very selfish and doing things for me!
See you guys got the packages--Happy Easter!


SlowZen said...

Mom, Happy easter, I thought that was in April?

Yes, we got the package, and sombody allready stole my bunny!

I put in my Leave request for June, looking forward to it!

It is late and I have yet to sit.

Thanks for looking!