PVC Shakuhachi

There is supposed to be a video here.  hope it works!

Here is the link on how to make your own PVC Shakuhachi
May you be free from suffering.


Gregor said...

Hey Jordan,

Very nice. I enjoyed your playing.

It was also cool to see and hear you in live action video!!

Keep blowin'

take care,


Yamakoa said...

Pretty incredible that you can actually make music form that beautiful weapon.
A little off topic, I posted the lyrics to a song by Jack Johnson. I was listening to it and I thought about your recent karma post. Don't know why.
I think it sums up some of the major points of the dharma.

In times like these
in times like those
what will be will be
and so it goes
and it always goes on and on
and on and on it goes

and theres always been laughing, crying, birth, and dying
boys and girls with hearts that take and give and break
and heal and grow and recreate and raise and nurture
but then hurt from time to times like these
and times like those
what will be will be
and so it goes

and there will always be stop and go and fast and slow
action, reaction, sticks and stones and broken bones
those for peace and those for war
and god bless these ones not those ones
but these ones made times like these
and times like those
what will be will be
and so it goes
and it always goes on and on
and on and on it goes

but somehow i know it wont be the same
somehow i know it'll never be the same

Hasta luego (till later)

Carol said...

Way cool!, Jordan! I'm going to show it to your Dad! Came through loud and clear and think it's neat that you're doing something like this!



Carol said...

And.........how'd you do that with the video thingy?!!!


oxeye said...

That was way cool! And it sounded really good to to my albeit untrained ear. Maybe your next modification should be going electric. :)

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Thank you. Way fun!

SlowZen said...

Glad you enjoyed it, thanks!

Nice song, I see what you mean.


Thanks, glad you liked it.
Google Video lets you upload stuff, sometimes it takes a while but It is pretty easy to use if you got a camera and mic and video making software. All these things are built into my macbook 

I don’t think I will be going electric, but I am glad you liked it.

Mike Doe

Glad you liked it!

All, Take care!

Gregor said...

I had to sneak back and watch you play again. Very nice.

SlowZen said...

Thanks Greg, You have inspired me to practice more!

Curator said...

You didnt embarrass yourself at all! it was better than I can do! I actually found your playing quite beautiful...especially considering it came from a piece of pvc,lol... Ive attempted to make a PVC shaku a few times due to my inability to afford a real one, however mine have not come out quite as good as yours... if you have some pointers for me, Id appreciate them, plus a close up photo of the utaguchi from multiple angles as I believe it may be what Ive been messing up...

SlowZen said...

Curator, I am sorry but I have givin them all away. If I get around to making some more I will be sure to take a picture of the utaguchi from multiple angles. If your local and got $10.00 we could take a trip to lowes and make a batch in my messy garage!

SlowZen said...

Oh, sorry I see your in California by your profile. Doh!

Curator said...

LOL, its ok, yeah im definately not local, but if I was I wouldve definately taken you up on the offer, im going to attempt to make another batch of them myself soon here, I noticed another big difference, one of the holes wasnt in line with the others, makes sense since thats usually the case with bamboo ones as well, the ones ive been making all of the holes have been perfectly centered, so maybe thats why it doesnt sound quite right to me... well, Ya live ya learn,lol.

Dirk said...

Thanks for your shakuhachi video.
As a beginning player I was looking for websites with instructional content - and found this little piece a very helpful example how one can produce some good sound easily - even with pvc!

Dirk, Germany

SlowZen said...

Dirk, glad I could be useful. Thank you for your comments.

Long tones, long tones!

Thanks for looking!