My Horror scope for today seems to nail how I feel this morning.

It's a good thing when your life settles down a bit and today could bring the calmer times you prefer. Still, you are intellectually buzzed -- or maybe even annoyed -- for your thinking doesn't mesh easily with your current laid-back approach to life. Don't let your rational mind talk you out of the relaxation you desire.

A couple of Joy Division Songs that resonated with me this morning,

I travelled far and wide through many different times,What did you see there?I saw the saints with their toys,What did you see there?I saw all knowledge destroyed.I travelled far and wide through many different times.I travelled far and wide through prisons of the cross,What did you see there?The power and glory of sin,What did you see there?The blood of Christ on their skins,I travelled far and wide thorugh many different times.I travelled far and wide and unknown martyrs died,What did you see there?I saw the one sided trials,What did you see there?I saw the tears as they cried,They had tears in their eyes,Tears in their eyes,Tears in their eyes,Tears in their eye.

Guess you dreams always end.They don't rise up, just descend,But I don't care anymore,I've lost the will to want more,I'm not afraid not at all,I watch them all as they fall,But I remember when we were young.Those with habits of waste,Their sense of style and good taste,Of making sure you were right,Hey don't you know you were right?I'm not afraid anymore,I keep my eyes on the door,But I remember....Tears of sadness for you,More upheaval for you,Reflects a moment in time,A special moment in time,Yeah we wasted our time,We didn't really have time,But we remember when we were young.And all God's angels beware,And all you judges beware,Sons of chance, take good care,For all the people not there,I'm not afraid anymore,I'm not afraid anymore,I'm not afraid anymore,Oh, I'm not afraid anymore.

May you be free from suffering,


Gregor said...

Joy Division, is good stuff.

SlowZen said...

I have been enjoying your blog but can not seem to comment lately.
But thak you for your efforts!


SlowZen said...

oops' thank not thak. see whet I get for not using a spellchecker?


oxeye said...

Jordan, I have been visiting your blog as usual but have not had anything interesting to add. I have been feeling verbally challenged lately. :)

Carol said...

Certainly can relate to having some time to relax and not being able to! Just when I get to the point of peace and quiet it seems everything pops into my head and my mind races!

SlowZen said...

Thank you for popping in and dropping a comment. I know exactly how you feel. Yesterday I looked at your “Deep End” and I felt something, but had no idea how to express it.
Thank you for your fellowship,


I sometimes just have to make time for a deep breath, and then try to exhale with a smile.

I am so familiar with the mind races. Some times I just have to keep pressing the reset button on my brain housing unit over and over and over again. The other day I think I spent a whole half hour on the cushion doing just that because I keep follwing the though trail. Our minds love to explore rabbit holes and that is OK. It is hard sometimes to get our busy minds just to take a break.
Just remember it is OK!


Gregor said...

Hey Jordon,

No need to comment unless you feel so moved. I understand how you feel. It's nice to know your checking it out.


SlowZen said...

Greg, sorry, that is not exactly what I meant. I was having technical difficulties.
Take care,

Thanks for looking!