How I spent my "enlightenment day"

0643- Cat puts paw in my mouth, I wake up.

0645-put on some pants, go to kitchen.

0649- make a bowl of matcha tea.

0653- Megumi comes to kitchen, says I am making the tea the “wrong” way. Shows me the “correct” way.

0658- I enjoy two bowls of matcha tea.

0700- go to the study to do some yoga

0715- Zazen start, kids are arguing in next room, in Japanese but it sounds like it is about t=clothes.

0746- 2 bells, start writing down today’s events on a piece of scratch paper.

O752- make breakfast. Rice was cooked last night. Stir nato (fermented soybeans)

0805- breakfast with family. New tea, beautiful packaging. This Tea is some of my favorite, green tea leaves dusted with matcha. like tea with tea..

0848- read comments on the blog, make some short comments back, please forgive the short comments. Practice seems more important than intellectual pontificating at the moment.

0915- Go to toilet, brush teeth. Can still sense the Nato on my breath. Strong stuff.

0926- Zazen start, Iris comes in and protests. “daddy no zazen time, daddy play with me, play with Iko!” I get up and go to living room. Tell Iris she needs to clean up her toys than I will play with her.

0936- restart Zazen timer, Sit. Megumi is yelling at the kids like a Jappanese drill instructor. I am attached to quiet.

1007- 2 bells- I have run out of paper, start typing log in ms word.

1016- gather cloths to donate to good will. Talk with Megumi about today’s plan, she wants to watch “heros” again, but makes no action. I think I would like to give more stuff away, but the family is not game for that right now.

1039- attempt to put up some holiday lights. Look at my neighbors display and give up, I will try again later. I think I need more lights. I have 2 strands of 25 feet each.

1041- Iris is crying, she wants to watch cartoons. Megumi decides we will have a star wars marathon today.

1046- the dog has taught me the dharma by destroying a part of the table.

1055- play with Hannah & Iris, piggybacks and tickle time, dog joins in the fun.

1120- Ice cream

1140- Zazen, kids sit too for a few moments.

1200- star wars marathon begins.

1650- first two movies, and a lot of snacks(celery, carrots, rice balls, pickles) down, kids are getting a shower with their mom, I am getting a Zazen break.

1720- Samu? helping out with laundry, updating blog... Picture won't load,

2034- made it through the first three movies. noted a bunch of Buddhist clichés. started to watch the fourth movie, c3po says it seems it is our lot in life to suffer. I am going to do one more sitting and hit the rack. Hope you all had a happy Rohatsu!

May you be well and happy!


Carol said...


I LOVE this post about your day!
What a sense of humor you've developed! Isn't your life wonderful?!
I am so happy for you! I love what you're doing with your life!

oxeye said...

jordan - it sounds like you had a wonderful day. it's nice your mom gets to read about it all and give you her two cents. i envy you that. my mom died in 03. - take care. - jeff

Anonymous said...

Hiya Jordan,

This is the third time I am trying to write you a comment. Internet keeps shutting down after I have finished the last sentence...ieeek, Dharma is out to get me it seems ;)

Well, Ill keep it short then for now. Thanks for your great posts and comments on my weblog!

Have a great day!!
Greetings, Francisca

p.s. The other two comments were mych longer... :)

SlowZen said...

What sense of humor? (HA!)
Love you too, thanks!

I hope to appreciate every day like I did this Saturday. Every moment is a work in progress.
I can not express ho much I appreciate my mothers comments here. There was a time when they would not have been sought or welcomed and I am grateful that time is over.
I am sorry to hear that your mother has passed away. I never know what to say about loosing a loved one. Anything said could be taken the wrong way on such a sensitive issue.
In the past I have loaned my mom out to my friends, to the point where they would go to my house after school and eat my cookies without me being present. (I wonder what KJ is up to now?) I am sure she would always welcome another son. I know she appreciates your comments too.

Sorry you had such a hard time posting. After experiencing issues like that, I started typing everything out in an MS Word document (any word processor would do) than copying and pasting into Blogger.
Thank you for your kind words!
I hope you are able to make time for your practice soon.

May all be well and happy!

Thanks for looking!