These are my old shoes. They are beyond their life of service. the tread is compleatly worn down and if I were to where them much longer I would be able to feel the ground with my big toe soon. I have a pair of black shoes at the house, but I like the brown ones. And I really appreciated the service they did for me. The black shoes do not feel as comfy either.

I had been looking for a replacement for them for quite a while. But I was having a hard time of it. I was attached to these shoes. The pattern, the type of tread, the color, the feel, the look. Add to that the general desire for high quality footwear (I suspect most jar heads are like this, when you go on some 30 mile hikes you learn just how important the right footwear is) but their time has come. I am truely greatful as these shoes have served me for a number of years.

I now have some new shoes and have left the old ones behind. They are not like tho old ones. they are a bit more pretentious than I would care for. Timberland (who made the old shoes) seems to be more about fashion than function nowadays. so I got a pair of "Sketchers" on the advice of the clerk at the shoe store. I hope that they serve me as well as the shoes I am giving up, and that they last as long.


Carol said...

I love it! I love the pictures and the comments about shoes! I know just what you mean! I have some that are barely together but I love them!

Good post!



SlowZen said...

Mom, sorry for the late response. this trip is running me ragged.

Glad you liked the post. you have not updated in a while. I hope all is well.

Thanks for looking!