Bosatsu Thoughts With color!

Megumi Took the scanned image and added some color for what I thought was a nice effect.
Hope you enjoy!



Yamakoa said...

Hello Jordan,
Just wanted to say hi. Luv the drawings of Jizo and I think Boddhidharma (Contemplation). It is interesting to note, that I have an affinity to Boddhidharma. I often wondered if it had anything to do with me practicing martial arts from a young age and the legends of him teaching the shaolin monks kung fu. After reading some of his teaching, well the four that r attributed to him, my affinities grows even more. Sometimes I let myself engage in feeling guilty as to why I don't connect with Dogen's writing as everyone else does. But I truly know that it doesn't really matter.
I hope you are enjoying your holidays and kept out of the black friday mess.

Carol said...

Cool Job, Megumi!

I'm so glad you're painting Jordan! I find your forms very interesting--child-like in many ways yet somehow wise.



SlowZen said...

Thank you. Having children makes Jizo have a special place on my shrine. It is funny and often ignored fact about Bodidharma, and Buddha, Little to no attention is ever given to the fact that they both came from military backgrounds.

I do cherish allot Of Master Dogen's works, but I sometimes think people (especially me) make to much of it. It is the message that is important, not the messenger. I would'nt worry to much if you don't connect with his writings. He is just saying the same things a different way than alot of people are used to. I like Mumon allot too, And he was a Dharma heir to Rinzai! No shopping for me today, I am not a fan of crowds.

Thank you for stopping in!

I am so often amazed by the wisdom of children. I hope to recapture some of that through practice.


Thanks for looking!