My parents flew in last night and I start a short period of leave tomorrow morning.

I do not know if I will be online much over the next few days.

I am thinking I am on the pc too much nowadays anyway so this may be a needed break.

Than again I really enjoy this too so I may hop on in a spare moment.

feeling fickle


Anonymous said...

"too much" is a judgement based on what you think you "should" be doing...

SlowZen said...

"Good Mikedoe, for my part I say this, I hold this view. If anyone speaks of what he has seen, heard or sensed, there is no harm in him saying: 'This is what I saw, this is what I heard, this is what I sensed.' There is no harm resulting from that."
"For my part, Mikedoe, I do not say that everything one has seen, heard or sensed should be spoken of, and I do not say it should not be spoken of. If one speaks and unprofitable states grow, one should not speak. If one speaks and profitable states grow, one should speak of what one has seen, heard, sensed and understood."

This statement was plagiarized from some old dead guy.

My vacation officially starts in two hours.

Take care,

oxeye said...

j - if you worry you are spending too much time online, spend less.

if later, you feel the need to say some things online, say them.

just don't do either while thinking about the other.

enjoy your break!

Anonymous said...


You are absolutely correct. I was not intentionally being critical. I was tired and my language can be blunt when that is the case.

I apologise.

gniz said...


Hope your vaca is a good one.

I'll miss ya.


oxeye said...

j - thinking over what I wrote to you this morning.. It seems to me that I was addressing my own situation more than I was addressing yours..

funny, but it was nothing other than mike cross's mirror principal in action..

Yamakoa said...

enjoy your VK with your parents. it is truly a luxury to have them when we are adults.

Gregor said...

I'm takikng a break too.

Gonna be in Maine for a week, enjoy your break.



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