This morning I saw one of the reserve Marines running along the roadside headed towards the center. I thought he was just motivated to run as there was no physical training scheduled for today. I waved as I drove by.

I was in the center and ending my own PT work out when he came in. I told him I saw him running and waved. It turns out his wheals are busted. He ran from downtown Portland into work so he would be in on time for his annual training. I admire that and I told him so. He smiled and maybe blushed a little bit.

This action is worthy of note to me because it displays a rare dedication to duty and self reliance that is not seen very often these days. Most people would call in and say they would be late or that they have to fix their wheals or that they needed to be picked up.

So I bellow a loud and motivated “Hurah” for all hard chargers everywhere!

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