Song Lyrics - Shine

Artist Name - Henry Rollins

If I listened to everything that they said to me I wouldn't be here
And if I took the time to bleed from all the tiny little arrows shot my way I
wouldn't be here
The ones who don't do anything are the ones who try to put you down
You could spend your entire life in the nowhere land of self doubt
When you start to doubt yourself
The real world will eat you alive

It's time to align your body with your mind
It's hero time
It's time to align your body with your mind
It's time to shine

I'm talking to you. Hero time starts right now

If you think you've got 100 extra years to mess around you're wrong
This time is real. Your time is now. It's hero time.

Hard times are getting harder
The liars are acting strong
You better get a grip on yourself
Or you won't be around too long

No such thing as spare time
No such thing as free time
No such thing as down time
All you got is life time. GO

I got grace in times of friction
I got truth in times of fiction
I got no time for the hype
Suicide? I'm not the type

No time for drug addiction
No time for smoke and booze
Too strong for a shortened life span
I've got no time to lose

Angry Hank is sounding better than angry Mike these days.
I like this teaching, a good reminder that practice is moment to moment.


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