I took a Physical fitness test on Sunday, still improving my score.

This is a sore point with me because I suspect one of the reasons why I was passed over was for a failure on this back in 1999. I failed the run portion of the test. There were extenuating circumstances but that dose not really matter. Yesterday I ran 260 out of 300. A first class score for my age group is 200+ so I am feeling pretty good about myself.

Breaking it down, I got 19 of 20 possible on the pull ups, that 20th pull up is still eluding me but I think I will get it next time as I am adjusting my training to this event. 95 points.

I maxed out the next event; crunches, getting 100 out of 100 in a 120 second time limit. I had time to spare. 100 points.

The last and most challenging for me is the run. But I surprised myself and ran 3 miles in 23:50. Not a good time by any stretch of the imagination, but better than the 25:30 I ran six months ago. Running is a challenge for me, it always has been. With age it has gotten worse. My body does not recover as fast as it used to so every time I run I hurt for days. This makes the event even more difficult to train to. I also have some long term concerns for my knees. I hope I can get another 4+ years of use out of them without surgery like so many of my peers have had to get. Running is a good exercise in single mindedness for me. If I allow my mind to wander I will slow down. 65 points, room for improvement.

We are scheduled to run again in July for the next half of the year, I am thinking I would like to delay that until September when it cools down since running in the heat, while less painful, is a lot harder for me. We shall see. And I will persevere brightly.

May you be well and happy.


Anonymous said...

The last time I did 19/20 pull-ups it was spread over several days...

SlowZen said...


I think that is OK. I will do 20 for you.

I see DoeDo is up again. Thank you for Bloging.


Anonymous said...

I suppose you are going to fight my battles for me as well.

Oh wait, you will....

Thank's for that.

Thanks for looking!