Going over some of the tips linked on the right, I found a new method.

Instead of Blowing Ro, I have been Breathing Ro for the last couple of days. This has made my ten Minutes of Ro not only much easier, but also actually enjoyable…sort of. Much different than it was before. I still need work on my embouchure, going over scales in the high register using this technique let me know I still have allot more practice to do. But I am definitely committed to Breathing Ro as part of my daily practice now.

This breathing instead of blowing has also had an immediate effect on how long I can hold a note. I was struggling to hold a tone for ten seconds now I know it is longer than that. I will have to sit in front of a timer to see how long I am actually holding a note. As I continue this practice I am sure this will improve. I was able to play Hinamaru almost entirely on one breath, not saying much I know but hey it is a huge improvement from taking a breath at each rest in the notation.

Again I am blown away by simply learning something new. No pun.


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