Hey everybody, I got an invite to twitter and so I accepted. I now have a handle on there which is SlowZen.
If you have no idea what I am talking about, it is OK, I would not have either. Just go to twitter.com for another useless social networking device.

Oh the picture is of a tree in my backyard, taken with my phone.

Be well and happy!


Barry said...

I also got an invitation to twit. From someone I respect. But I have no idea why I'd want to twit or twitter with anyone. It's all I can do to post once a day and respond to the very occasional comments.

What should I do?

SlowZen said...

Hi Barry,

I have known about twitter for a while ad never sighed up. I looked at it last night and it asked the question... "What are you doing right now?" I thought...Twitter is a computer zen master!

Ok maybe not. But to me it is not like a blog at all. just a place to shout, I'm Sitting ZaZen, or I'm In a staff meeting text message style. Much there less to get attached to than on a blog.

What will you do?

Barry said...

I'm just going to continue to leave confused messages on your blog.

SlowZen said...

Me too!

Thanks for looking!